SOE's Smedley Speaks Out

No PvE anytime soon for PlanetSide 2

The Internet works in mysterious ways sometimes. Most of the time, news travels so quickly around the net that players have picked sides in the battle long before the subject of the news is even aware it's happening. And then there are times like this.

Back in August, Sony Online Entertainment chief John Smedley posted a tome about long-term plans for PlanetSide 2 over on his personal blog. So why are we just now talking about it? Because no dirt is too old to be left unturned. 

Entitled "PlanetSide 2 - What Is It And Why Do I Want To Play It?", the piece kicks off with Smed's explanation and interoperation of the game, which is actually very helpful. He goes on to bullet-point some of the highlights of the future roadmap, including a Mac version (woot), water-based vehicles, weather, harvestable resources, eSports support and non-player character (NPC) enemies. 

It's that last one - NPCs - that's the reason we're talking about this August post here in December.  NPCs in a PvP game would mean... PvE! 

Or would it?  Massively got some clarification from the man himself. While he said much of what was posted is still being considered - which s a good thing, because it's awesome - he had this to say about the small matter of NPCs:

"NPCs aren't on the table for a long time, if ever."

Well, there you go. That's not a no, but certainly doesn't come across as a "plan" for the future written in stone.  Fear not soldier, your hallowed ground is safe - for now! 

Bill "Lethality" Leonard

Source: Massively



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