Humbly Amazing Bundle

The new Humble Bundle features THQ's All-Star Lineup. Ends Dec 12th.

The new Humble Bundle went live today and wow is that a bundle. This Humble Bundle is being sponsored by THQ and includes 5 of THQ's most popular series: Darksiders, Metro, Red Faction, Company of Heroes, and Saints Row.

As with any Humble Bundle there are two tiers, the basic tier is what you get if you pay at least $1. If you under the current average you will get Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes and both of CoH's standalone expansions (Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor). Included in this are DRM-free soundtracks for these games, though the soundtrack for Metro 2033 appears to be missing from the deal. If you pay more than the average ($5.72 at the time this was written), you will unlock the bonus tier and also receive Saints Row: The Third and its soundtrack.

It is important to note that all of these games are for Windows only through Steam. Upon purchase you will receive keys that you use in Steam to unlock the game for your account (1 key for the basic tier games and a 2nd key if you are getting Saint's Row: The Third). After unlocking on Steam the games will automatically begin to download.

The bundle is already selling well, having hit $1 million in sales and over 181,000 bundles sold in just the first 5 hours. While this is an awesome deal full of awesome games, some of you might wonder how humble it actually is with three out of the five series having sequels expected to come out next year. Whether you think it is a Humble Bundle or some marketing conspiracy, this is a good deal for some great games.

This round of the Humble Bundle will last through December 12th, which combined with the key system could make this a good Christmas present. I beat the average, will you?

Matt "Mattsta" Adams

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