Are You Ready For A Good Story?

BioWare's Hall Hood talks to Massively's Larry Everett about SW:TOR's storied future

Are you ready for a good story? I hope so, because Massively's Larry Everett took some time to chat with BioWare's Hall Hood, lead story-wrangler on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

For those unfamiliar, Hall is a member of the old guard and has been with the SW:TOR team since early in the development process. I personally had a chance to meet and interview him at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando several years ago, and he's a great guy. So, he's been around to see it all, which gives his input on game issues - especially when it comes to story - tons of value.

Being an avid role-player, Larry has his finger on the pulse of the game's story, and doesn't disappoint in his questioning. Since story is the main selling point of SW:TOR, he opened up with a question about how it can be sustained over the long term. Hall had a very positive upside on story futures:

"Story remains one of the four pillars for all of BioWare's games. If anything, The Old Republic's transition to a free-to-play game will create more opportunities to advance the epic story arcs and interesting characters we introduced when the game first launched. While we don't want to spoil any of the surprises, we can say that players have a lot to look forward to in the future. The war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire is only getting started, and there are powerful new factions rising up to make trouble for both sides."

On the confusion that the upcoming planet Makeb does/doesn't provide a continuation of the class stories, Mr. Hood has this to say:

"Our goal when designing stories for The Old Republic is to ensure that they can be enjoyed both while playing alone or as part of a group, and Makeb is no exception. Players of all classes will discover that their previous adventures have made them bigger celebrities than ever before, with both enemies and allies recognizing the players' characters as some of the most important people in the galaxy. Players will be summoned to Makeb precisely because of who they are and what they've done in their class plots -- and their new adventures will place them squarely at the center of the Great War."

I could honestly copy and paste every question and answer here, because the interview is just great for players that love SW:TOR's story. So instead of doing that, head over to Massively and check out the full read!

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