A Traitor's Whim

A fan inspired by WildStar writes a poem that inspires Carbine

As gamers, we're constantly inspired by the games we play; in one way or another, it's what ultimately compels us to play them. But did you realize that game developers are also human and can be inspired by fans, too? It's true.

Today the gang at Carbine Studios, who of course are hard at work on their upcoming MMO WildStar, posted a music video recorded by a couple of talented staffers as a way of saying thank you to the community. 

But this is no ordinary music video, no sir. The lyrics are actually a poem written by a WildStar Central community member known as Dyrael, who was inspired by the story of Serrick Brighthand, leader of the Cassian rebellion.

Well, this in turn inspired Senior Narrative Designer Cory Herndon and Senior Content Designer Amber Turner to turn Dyraael's "A Traitor's Whim" info the beautiful musical piece you see here.

If you ever doubted that game developers pay attention to the community, here's your proof that they do. It's a true circle of inspiration and creativity; A fan, inspired by developers, has in return done something to inspire the creators of the game we're all waiting for. These developers will go to work every day carrying this thought, and no matter how small, will in some way have a net effect on the outcome of the game itself. How cool is that?

Head over to the WildStar online blog entry to read the full entry on Carbine's gift to - and from - the community.


Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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