CCP Now Accepting Russian Currency

Nope, no Soviet Russia jokes here.

If you're American, this might not be too important to you, but to Russian gamers who are into EVE Onlinethis might sound nice - CCP has opened the doors for them. CCP has started accepting Russian Rubles, as 399 RUB per month, with no charges for expansions or patches (as per ususal). Additionally, Yandex.Money (a Russian version of PayPayl, so to speak) is also accepted now. 

The full Ruble pricing for subscriptions and PLEX (in-game subscription purchase, dubbed Pilot License Extension) is as follows: 

New account activation fee - 149 RUB

1 month subscription - 399 RUB

3 months subscription - 1049 RUB

6 month subscription - 1899 RUB

12 month subscription - 3499 RUB

1 PLEX - 649 RUB

2 PLEX - 1099 RUB

6 PLEX - 3299 RUB

12 PLEX - 6499 RUB

28 PLEX - 14999 RUB

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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