Guild Wars 2 "Invite a Friend" Program Live

Guild Wars 2 players can invite up to three friends to play free this weekend with the release of The Lost Shores major content patch.

Have a friend that has been wanting to try Guild Wars 2? ArenaNet has your back with the “Invite a Friend” program. With the launch of the major November patch later this week, ArenaNet is giving current players the ability to invite up to three friends to play this weekend completely free.

Players that have owned the full edition of Guild Wars 2 prior to November 7th can go to and click on the Invite a Friend button on the left side of the screen. Here the player can enter the trial recipient's email to send them a special one-time use code that gives them free access for the weekend.

The free trial is only available for the weekend starting on November 15th, the day that the Lost Shores content patch goes live, and ending on November 18th. Trial players will be able to participate in the special one-time Lost Shores event as lower leveled players will be side-kicked up to level 80 for the event.

Trial participants who want to upgrade to the full standard edition of the game will be able to do so through an Upgrade button in-game. As an extra incentive to upgrade, all trial account upgrades will come with the Booster Multipack, with contains non-tradeable versions of the Experience, Karma, and Magic Find Boosters.

If you have a friend who might be interested then it is suggested that you act fast, as the Invite a Friend page says that the free trial codes will be in limited supply with no current plans for another free trial period in the future.

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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