FFXIV: End of an Era Trailer

We pull into the closure of it all.

If you're just catching up, Final Fantasy XIV is offline. The long-reviled game is overhauling everything from the ground up, and Square-Enix was smart enough to make it a core part of the game. The recent storyline dealt with the Garlean Empire's conquest and warfare on Eorzea, and just after the servers went offline, this trailer was posted. 

Putting the entire revamp of a game - even one prompted by overwhelming negative feedback - into a storyline was a very good move. MMORPGs frequently lack in any meaningful change, and here was Square-Enix's perfect shot at making something players would remember. And they will - many showed up for when Mists of Pandaria launched, but how many can say, "I was there when the meteor fell in XIV"?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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This trailer was amazing, lets hope SE owns up to their name.

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