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More Highlights About The Upcoming Expansion

EVE Online: Retribution - Ship

On October 30, 2012, CCP Ripley, Senior Producer for Release Development over at CCP Games gave us an overview of some of the exciting changes slated for the upcoming EVE Online expansion. She and her team have been diligently working on Retribution, due out on December 4th.

Below is a breakdown of some of what was highlighted in yesterday's announcement:

Visuals - From a visuals perspective, players have been promised four new destroyers, plus upgraded graphics for The Tempest, The Stabber, and their factional variations. They're also working on some Planetary Visualizations for DUST 514 (EVE section).

Combat - Factional Warfare will be improved. They are working on rebalancing cruisers, destroyers, and frigates. Also, missiles will have a more accurate projected range.

Bounty System - To shake things up a bit more, they're introducting a new bounty hunting system. Players, corporations, and alliances are all up for execution, if the price is right of course.

Corporations - Corporations will be getting a much-improved recruiting interface. This includes an improved UI for advertising.

Crimewatch - Crimewatch will be getting an update that includes simplifying the flagging mechanics in addition to making timers visible to clients.

Inventory - There will be many inventory improvements. For example, they will be optimizing the movement of large items between locations.

NPCs - NPCs will be getting a new and improved AI.

Sound - The sound team is working on new music to better capture the moods of different regions and make them more cohesive with the visuals.

And more!

This is ramping up to be a seriously fun expansion! Watch the below video for EVE Online: Retribution which highlights bounty hunting and the development of this expansion. 

-Jennifer "Yaviey" Bridges


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