EVE Online Record Setting Kill

Player loses record level ISK.

If I ever have to explain to someone why I do not play, but incessantly report and watch about events in EVE Online, this is the kind of story I talk about. 

Player stewie Zanjoahir, as reported by EVE Kill.net, lost a massive amount of expensive ship blueprints, at least ten of them over 7k ISK and one totaling up to 14k, when his ship (a quick and fragile Atron) was destroyed. The total damage was over 213 billion ISK lost. Factoring in the PLEX service, which allows you to spend 580 million ISK for a month of subscription, he could have bought 367 of them, meaning he lost $6,400. And this is guesswork on a lot of it.

EVE Kill has said it has passed API verification, something CCP Games has set up to confirm said kills. One Facebook poster named Stuart (potentially 'Stewie' being his nickname) has claimed that it was his ship and most of them were copies, but he has not responded to our attempts to contact him. Still, even if they were copies, and even if (as many have suggested) this was a set up, that's a lot of losses to deal with. 

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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