PlanetSide 2 Release Announced!

PS2 will be launched on November 20th

Hot off the presses: PlanetSide 2 is officially launching on November 20th!

After teasing the crowd by saying that the game might not be ready for six months, if not six more YEARS, SOE announced the launch date next month. Players who purchase the game in advance through the Alpha Squad option will also be able to reserve their character names for launch.

The game will go live with three continents, including Amerish, which was shown during the keynote speech.  Other features for launch will include more vehicles, Twitch integration for live streaming, and a new outfit revamp including items like decals and unique uniforms.

Future plans include player-owned bases that exist in the game world and can be attacked and destroyed by other players, and there are three additional continents planned for release post-launch.

Finally, the keynote address included a great new video inspired by old war audio effects called “This is War.” Check it out!


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