League Of Legends World Championship Group A

A round up of the days action from Group A of the League Of Legends World Championship

The League Of Legends World Championship has rolled into town and we have the best teams from each region of the world battling for the title of World Champions.

The participating teams include:
Team Solo Mid, CLG Prime, SK Gaming, Azubu Frost, Team Dignitas, Taipei Assassins, CLG EU, Moscow Five, World Elite, Saigon Jokers, Najin Sword and Invictus Gaming.


The preliminary matches feature the teams not given a regional bye into the bracket play. They will battle in the group stages as only four of the eight teams can qualify.
The participating teams in the group stages are: SK Gaming, Team Dignitas, Invictus Gaming, Azubu Frost, CLG EU, CLG Prime, Najin Sword and Saigon Jokers.

Game One - Azubu Frost versus Invictus Gaming

The early game was dominated by Invictus Gaming as they had the better team composition to force the fights and are a team that loves to dive the turrets.
IG take the early gold lead with their heavy gank style, but would have run away with the gold if they had been able to convert the kills that Shen had denied.
The transition into the mid game saw IG still slightly in the lead, but their gank-heavy style falling apart as Azubu Frost were able to stabilize their team composition.
IG were able to get some good team clashes by focusing down Ezreal early, taking the main kick out of Frost, and using it to their advantage.
CloudTemplar once again kept Frost in the game with a great baron steal at thirty three minutes denying IG their overwhelming mid game advantage.
With Ezreal able to sustain longer in team fights with a Guardian Angel, Frost are able to push their lead more in the final team fights of the game.
Frost take the game changing fight at the final baron of the game, with some amazing play from CloudTemplar and Woong that see them both staying up as the fight ends without Ezreal losing his Guardian Angel.
With the ace and minions hitting the nexus, Woong runs to the nexus to close out the game.
Champion Select:
Azubu Frost    Invictus Gaming
Vladimir AP Carry Swain
Ezreal AD Carry Corki
Jax Solo Top Jarvan IV
Shen Jungle Nocturne
Alistar Support Leona


First Blood:
Corki valkyries over the dragon wall into the rear red bush watching Shen open on wraiths.
With the rest of IG in the river, Corki is able to provide vision of Shen and Vlad engaging wraiths. IG abuse LoS and are able to get a Leona Zenith Blade initiate and then power down Vlad as Shen manages to escape.
IG take the blue red and their own blue.
Game Changing Moment:
At the twenty five minute mark, Azubu Frost made their play to be very aggressive in the mid lane as Corki and Nocturne where split pushing the other lanes. With an Alistar initiate under the second mid turret, Azubu Frost are able to pick up three kills, two turrets and an inhibitor, without dropping a single champion. Finally re-taking the gold lead and the first major advantage, Azubu Frost use their newfound map control to abuse the Shen split pushes. The game returns to even after a highly dominate IG early game and with the better late game comp for Frost they are able to make sure that IG cannot close the game before then.
Most Valuable Player:
CloudTemplar, CloudTemplar’s Shen was the MVP for Frost in this game for his amazing map awareness in the early game. He was able to shut down the majority of ganks with great ultimates keeping his teammates alive and bringing another champion into the fray.
The mid-late game saw CloudTemplar really shine as he was able to pick up kills in team fights that IG had won and was still able to remain alive.
IG took great leads many times but they were unable to capitalize on their advantage due to some great play from CloudTemplar.
The final deciding baron of the game highlighted the power of Shen and the great decision making from CloudTemplar, as the baron baiting commenced he instantly decided to push the bottom lane, taking down a turret and ulting in as the battle commenced.
Play Of The Game:
The play of the game came at forty minutes as both teams were baiting the baron fight, for the final baron of the game.
With Shen pushing the bot lane, IG engage the fight as a five versus four but are unable to convert some kills before Shen ultimates in.
With the fight now heavily in Frost’s favour they are able to take the ace, only dropping two champions on the way.
That last play was the do or die push from IG as they are losing their nexus to the minions waves, with the fight over Frost takes the game without taking the baron.

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