FireFall's Chosen Developing New Tactics

New Chosen Warfront feature promises more varied encounters

Anyone familiar with FireFall's Chosen is probably used to seeing them in one of two ways: they're either guarding a drop pod or they're teleporting in as you loot a crashed Accord drop pod. Fun to fight, but not much variety since they use the same tactics in the same location every time. Red 5 Studios is looking to change that over the next few months. In a recent developer blog post, designer Clancy Powell laid out some of the ways the war between the Accord and the Chosen will be developing as they begin to add more PvE content.

Clancy describes the Warfront effort as a Real-Time Strategy element of sorts. While the players will be interacting with the world in the same 3rd person shooter perspective they always have, each individual battle can be seen as a skirmish on an RTS map with effects and ramifications for the world as a whole. The Chosen attack a watchtower somewhere on the planet; if the players fail to defend the watchtower, then the Chosen will take control and any of the facilities located there (health/ammo pickups, Battleframe stations, access to the Shared Information Network, etc.) will be lost as long as the facility remains in Chosen hands. On the other hand, if players take back watchtowers or destroy Chosen drop pods and thumpers, then not only do the Chosen lose access to those spawn points but they also will take longer to retaliate due to the impacts on their manpower and economy. Don't expect to just camp the drop pod spawn points like you can now though; Clancy says they've learned to start hitting different locations and not always at set times.

If you'd like to find out more about the upcoming Chosen Warfront in FireFall, head over to the developer blog.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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