Azubu Frost Issued Fine For LoL Playoff Conduct

Screen peeking returns.

During the League of Legends World Playoffs, the stage was set up so that, behind the players, a giant map showed all viewers the spectator map. Players were expressly forbidden from turning their heads, and referees were on-hand to keep order. Some looked anyway, and today RedBeard on the forums - along with bitingpig - have announced their rulings.

Three teams - Team Solo Mid, World Elite, invictus Gaming - were warned for unsportsmanlike conduct, but given their actions gave no advantage, they were not fined. However, in Azubu Frosts' game against Team Solo Mid, not only did they glance at the map, but this action led directly to a mysterious ping at TSM's top lane, where the whole team was gathered, something which Frost had absolutely no way to know. Only a short while after that, a member of Azubu fired a skillshot into the brush, hitting and exposing TSM hiding there. Citing this advantage, Riot has fined Azubu Frost $30,000 (15% of their tournament win prize). 

As a longtime fan of League of Legends, I'm glad to see Riot not only learn from their mistakes (they have stated that there will be absolutely no vision on the overhead map in future games) but also not be light-hearted on punishing cheating. Because really, that's what this is. 

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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