MvP (MLG vs Proleague) Day Four

A round up of all the Starcraft II action from the fourth day of competition

Week Two of the MLG versus Proleague Invitational starts off with a bang and we are here to give you a game by game overview of the night’s matches.

The MvP Invitational pits the top 24 Proleague players against 24 of the top StarCraft II players. The MvPI is a six week marathon of matches to compete for the $10,000 top prize and the eight all-expenses paid trips to the Fall Championship.


The second week has come around and the race for qualification really begins, who will tip past the finish line and who will fall at the first hurdle?

Team8.Jaedong and SK.MC open the second week's matches as they both return to the MvP broadcasted line up.
Grubby, after a sizzling start to his run, battles KT.Flash, Who has only dropped a single map so far.
North America’s Col.Sasquatch will face Woongjin’s Sos, who is looking for redemption from a disappointing start versus MC
Quantic.Sase, the replacement for Stephano, will begin his MvP journey versus STX.Last
Fnatic’s Alive will be facing STX.Hyvaa in a TvZ.
And finally Root.Vibe looks to secure his lead in the NA standings versus the rising star SKT.Rain

VODs can be found at

Caltu’s Match Of The Day
Jaedong’s Mutalisks Again
I chose this as today's match of the day due to it being another great example of Jaedong transferring his magical mutalisk knowledge into Starcraft II.
In a game basically the same as his day one match two game versus Naniwa, Jaedong is able to show Zerg players that mutalisks are still a viable tech route rather than the Stephano-esque roach-zergling.
Jaedong is amazingly patient with his mutalisks, forcing MC to multitask his stalker all around his base and poke about with zerglings.
The ability to know when to make the Protoss force field to protect from the zerglings and then swinging the mutalisks around to use the force fields in their favour was great tactical play from Jaedong.


Series I - MC P vs Jaedong Z
Game  I
Cloud Kingdom is the platform for the opening map of the day's skirmishes as MLG's best protoss faces Proleague’s top zerg, Jaedong.

MC, the innovator of all builds' protoss use in the current metagame, opens with a cannon rush behind the mineral line on the third, rather than dipping into his bag of tricks.
Jaedong replies by sending his initial four lings right to MC’s base rather than stopping the cannon rush.
With an already well developed knowledge of timings in SC2, Jaedong is able to sneak four lings into MC's base while he had to cancel his third.
The lings force probes to be pulled, but cause no major damage, with great control from MC he loses zero probes.
Jaedong takes a seven minute lair to move into his trademark mutalisks within ten minutes.
MC plays very defensive by taking a third base, but it is heavily delayed by a creep spreading overlord.
At twelve minutes Jaedong has a flock of mutalisks on the field and with MC taking a faster third and the usual robo tech, Jaedong’s mutalisks are able to put on a lot of pressure.
MC’s defence is watertight as the mutalisks and lings try to find a small opening with great force fields and stalker placement.
At 13 min. 20 secs. Jaedong pushes right into MC’s third via the natural ramp, MC misses the key force fields letting Jaedong’s lings ravage his stalker and sentry count.
A hold position zealot at the natural, isolates half of MC’s stalkers from the main fight, with no key answer to the growing mutalisk flock and MC losing probes and anti-air its GG.

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