PST Episode 98 is Live

A matter of right and wrong.

Mr. Lore with PST is back, and a little late this time around! TankSpot again returns for more World of Warcraft Q+A, covering a wide spectrum of Mists of Pandaria concerns. Taken from the YouTube page:

This week:

0:48 - Are the long queue times on high-pop servers going to affect progression?

7:50 - Aren't there still "right" and "wrong" choices in the new talent system?

15:36 - If you could raid with a world first guild, would you?

20:20 - Do MoP dailies require too much grinding, especially where alts are concerned?

27:54 - How do I deal with a raider who is talented, but doesn't mesh well with the group?

32:54 - Are MoP heroics too easy?

40:18 - How do the random elements of some boss fights affect Challenge Mode times?

46:27 - How many raid bosses would be ideal per tier?

53:46 - Is the WoW community cycling towards younger players?

1:00:26 - Should Spirits of Harmony be made BoE?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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