GuildCast 43: Weapon Pr0n

Guild Wars 2 Legendaries come to light and the GuildCast crew try to stay composed.

Those with a nervous disposition look away.

Guild Wars 2‘s first legendaries are appearing and they look fantastic.

We talk about how much we want them — while trying not to drool.


Feeling spooky? You will be soon as Halloween is heading to Tyria. Who is Mad King Thorn and what similarities does he bear to Henry VIII? We talk about what festivities were first enjoyed in Guild Wars in order to speculate on what’s ahead for GW2.

Another week, another list of patch notes which included some derriere-obsessed camera fixes. There were also some character balancing changes which I shall try not to get angry about. I’ll continue typing after counting to 10, walking outside and shouting obscenities at the moon.

That’s better.

Cultural armor can’t be transmuted over to opposing races. Gary thinks it should be a free for all in regards to the cultural gear, what about the rest of the crew?

Autobalancing received some welcome changes. Now it isn’t quite as painful if you get team switched in SPvP. Does this solve all the complaints? We discuss the ramifications.


Apparently WvW is causing a lot of consternation. Time zone advantages are being used to flip nodes over night as many sleep in their beds, dreaming of Twilight — the sword, not the awful books. Is this hugely unfair? Or is it time to toughen up and go to war 24/7?

Add your questions into the mix and there’s plenty for the crew to tackle.

Alongside GAMEBREAKER’s irrepressible Gary Gannon are Massively‘s Elisabeth Cardy and Richie “Bogotter” Procopio, as well as ZAM‘s Scott Hawkes for this week’s legendary edition of GuildCast!



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