MvP (MLG vs Proleague) Day Three

A round up of all the Starcraft II action from the third day of competition

Series V - Crank P vs Light T

Game  I
Light begins his broadcasted MvP journey on Entombed Valley versus Crank, who had a great showing yesterday in some games against Soulkey.

Light opens with an extremely aggressive three barracks-no gas-before command centre versus the one gate expand by Crank.
Light makes a beeline for the base of Crank with an SCV train and a group of marines, catching a stalker out and building a bunker on the low ground.

With his command centre on the way and Crank forced to remain up the ramp to his main, Light kills the natural expansion of Crank and brings his excesses marines and SCVs back to his main base to stabilize.
Crank is then forced to be highly aggressive himself as a follow up.
With a transition into Immortals to break the contain, Crank goes for the all in, with him down economically to a terran he has no other choice.
At eleven minutes Crank hits the front ramp of Light with a warp prism in the main mineral line.
With perfect force fields closing down all repair on the bunkers Crank is able to punch through Lights main defences while trashing the main mineral line with some zealots.
Crank takes the supply lead while regaining his immortals and take the first map.


Game II
With an explosive first game, taken by Crank after a highly aggressive opening from Light, will we see more standard passive play from both players?

Ohana is the battleground for the final map of the night as Light once again moves into fast aggression of a bunker rush.
Crank is able to catch the bunker with an early zealot closing down the pressure early ending the rush.
Light then one agains take the offensive route by building a tank bio composition and going for a contain on Crank’s natural expansion.
Crank breaks the contain and the last hopes of the night for Light. GG.

Make sure to tune in this Friday for the start of Week Two of the MvP Invitiation at 7EST at


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