MvP (MLG vs Proleague) Day Three

A round up of all the Starcraft II action from the third day of competition

Series II - Major T vs Soo Z

Game  I
Major notched an impressive win over Fantasy yesterday on Ohana but how will his TvZ stand up versus Soo on Daybreak?

Both players take the standard metagame openings of barracks into expand followed by the hellion banshee map control and the heavy queen build.
Major moves into mech play similar to what we have seen previously on Daybreak but with a much slower command centre.
With Major not capitalising on his map control to the extent that Flash did in his games on previous days Soo is content to sit on his three bases and drone heavily while taking his lair.
Major then pushes with a high hellion banshee count at nine minutes, getting a few free queen kills and a handful of drones, but the high mineral and gas count that he traded for the few units he killed of wasn’t efficient as Soo was storing his gas for incoming mutalisks.
With Majors third base delayed and Soo moving up his tech tree he takes a big lead and tries to capitalise on his advantage with a massive swarm of roaches.
The roaches try to find a small opening to deal damage but Soo makes lots of cost inefficient trades evening out the resources lost tab.
A massive engagement occurs at twenty four minutes as both players trade their armies but amazing hunter seeker missiles from Major gives him the edge as he can clean up the brood lord corrupter army and take down an expansion.
However a few minutes later after Soo is able to instantly re-max from his bank he gets the perfect engagement in the middle of the map with perfect fungals on all Major’s units and a massive brood lord concave.
But with a thor heavy composition Major is able to hold on and use his thor mobility to keep denying gas mining bases.
Both players trade their armies back and forth as they split the map in half but neither gain a game winning advantage.
The game deciding engagement occurs at forty minutes as Major lands the greatest hunter seeker missiles cleaning out the entire brood lord corrupter army dropping Soo’s supply by one hundred.
Major takes the first decisive battle at forty minutes and is able to breach Soo’s side of the map and takes the win.



Game II
With that dramatic end to the end of that previous game, can Soo bring it back and with the final map of Antiga Shipyard?

Soo opens with a very aggressive roach baneling bust at the nine minute mark but Major was himself going for an aggressive bio timing.
With Major on the defensive, Soo cannot break down the front door and hope to deal significant damage and backs away.
With Major’s bio play thwarted he moves into the safer tank marine composition and proceeds to drop all around the map. but doesn’t deal any major damage
Soo takes advantage of Majors relatively passive play by only defending with his lings and teching up to hive extremely fast.
Major attempts to push at twenty minutes but he is unable to hold a siege position on one of Soo’s bases with such fast brood lords.
He is forced to retreat and with Soo’s big zergling army from the mid game, he runs down and kills every single tank of Major and begins to ravage the mineral line of the third.
Major drops over one hundred supply and Major is starved for money as Soo has over three thousand of both resources in the bank.
Major forces a fight at twenty seven minutes and gets a great engagement, however he cannot capitalise as Soo re-maxes and he has only 90 supply.
Soo moves in with the ultralisks and Major has no choice but to GG.


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