MvP (MLG vs Proleague) Day Three

A round up of all the Starcraft II action from the third day of competition


Series I - Grubby P vs Stork P

Game  I
The legendary European Protoss Grubby began his broadcasted MvP Invitational journey against the mighty Stork on Antiga Shipyard.

Stork opts to go for the early twilight council while Grubby moves into the robotics facility tech patch for their opening tech builds.
Stork gains an early lead by isolating one of Grubby’s stalkers and taking the map control with for his blink stalker aggression.
Stork’s initial attack is well defended by Grubby with his superior immortal tech taking down a handful of stalkers as Stork only targets an immortal.
With Grubby’s second and third immortals on the field he is able to take his expansion behind the safety of his two immortals.
Stork attempts to blink into Grubby’s main to cause damage, but Grubby also just finished blink tech he is able to easily deflect the aggression.
With Grubby taking the map control and catching a few units out in the open he goes on the offensive for a big counterattack.
With the addition of a sentry in the mix when the battle commences for Grubby a well placed guardian shield is the overwhelming factor giving Grubby a massive advantage.
Stork’s supply drops and his immortal get focus fired he has no choice but to GG.



Game II
With Grubby taking the first game and the first map of the day for the MLG players can Stork bring it back for the Proleague players in this game on Daybreak?

Stork takes a Stargate as his opening while Grubby takes a much earlier expansion.
Stork’s phoenixs scout out Grubby’s early expand build, but with immortals already on the field for Grubby and Stork focusing more on infrastructure than army Stork is forced to expand himself.
Grubby’s observer is able to scout out that Stork has had to expand in response to his own expansion, has little army supply that is mainly a heavy sentry count.
With this intel Grubby goes on the counter with his two immortals.
Stork’s map awareness gives him time to position his sentry based army at the ramp into his natural and buy himself enough time to get his own immortals out.
With some amazingly placed forcefields from Stork, he is able to isolate both of Grubby’s immortals and take them out with minimal losses.
With Grubby’s high tech units down, Stork regains his and he is forced to back away as the punch has been taken out of his push.
With the transition into the mid game both players attempt some zealot drops that aren’t majorly effective until Grubby is able to find an opening and takes down the robotics support bay with extended thermal lance just moments from finishing.
Grubby takes a commanding lead and pushes across the map with his higher colossus count and manages to  catch Stork’s warp prism that was ferrying two immortals to Grubby’s main.
Grubby attacks Stork’s third at seventeen minutes with his reinforcing warp prism, with amazing force fields that exclude Stork’s zealots from the fight, he is able to come out on top of the engagement.
Stork is able to snipe the warp prism and stop the reinforcements from Grubby forcing the retreat after Grubby kills the third base.

Grubby regroups and with his massive economical lead he is able to push once more at twenty one minutes with a thirty supply lead and takes the second map as well.






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