MvP (MLG vs Proleague) Day Three

A round up of all the Starcraft II action from the third day of competition

Week One of the MLG versus Proleague Invitational comes to a close and we are here to give you a game by game overview of the night’s matches.

The MvP Invitational pits the top 24 Proleague players against 24 of the top StarCraft II players. The MvPI is a six week marathon of matches to compete for the $10,000 top prize and the eight all-expenses paid trips to the Fall Championship.


With the action really heating up, as people try to get their first important wins onto the board, more big names enter the fray for our viewing pleasure.

The Warcraft III legend, Grubby, arrives to face the Proleague’s Stork, of team Samsung Khan.
Root.Major returns after a great first week versus SK Telecom’s Soo
Arguably the best StarCraft II Protoss, SK.MC, begins his broadcasted run against Sos of team Woongjin Stars.
Evil Geniuses’ Huk returns from a great first day series versus Bisu, to face the Proleague’s CrazyHydra from team KT Rolster.
Finally Axiom’s Crank looks to book a place in the top two of Korean division, but Woongjin Star’s Light is standing in the way.

VODs can be found at

Caltu’s Match Of The Day
Hunter Seeker Missile.
The reason this is my game of the day is just due to that one final engagement.
With the map cut in half and neither player able to gain the lead after countless engagements it seemed that we would be forced into a mined out situation that we see rarely in ZvTs. With Major's choice of a heavy thor composition for his mech army, it was perfect to close down the zergs aggression.
Usually the zerg will trade his brood lords for a viking count and then immediatly tech swap into ultralisks to try and end the game but with a high thor count the tech swap was not possible and there was a stalemate with both players.
Then the mother of all engagements occurs as Soo drops a hundred supply in a blink of an eye similar to a perfect archon toilet in PvZ, with Major finally break the map split he takes the win.

Series II - Major T vs Soo Z

Game  I
Major notched an impressive win over Fantasy yesterday on Ohana but how will his TvZ stand up versus Soo on Daybreak?

Both players take the standard metagame openings of barracks into expand followed by the hellion banshee map control and the heavy queen build.
Major moves into mech play similar to what we have seen previously on Daybreak but with a much slower command centre.
With Major not capitalising on his map control to the extent that Flash did in his games on previous days, Soo is content to sit on his three bases and drone heavily while taking his lair.
Major then pushes with a high hellion banshee count at nine minutes, getting a few free queen kills and a handful of drones, but the high mineral and gas count that he traded for the few units he killed off wasn’t efficient as Soo was storing his gas for incoming mutalisks.
With Major's third base delayed and Soo moving up his tech tree he takes a big lead and tries to capitalise on his advantage with a massive swarm of roaches.
The roaches try to find a small opening to deal damage but Soo makes lots of cost inefficient trades evening out the resources lost tab.
A massive engagement occurs at twenty four minutes as both players trade their armies but amazing hunter seeker missiles from Major gives him the edge as he can clean up the brood lord corrupter army and take down an expansion.
However, a few minutes later after Soo is able to instantly re-max from his bank as he gets the desired engagement in the middle of the map with perfect fungals on all Major’s units and a massive brood lord concave.
But with a thor heavy composition Major is able to hold on and use his thor mobility to keep denying gas mining bases.
Both players trade their armies back and forth as they split the map in half but niether gain a game winning advantage.
The game deciding engagement occurs at forty minutes and is able to breach Soo’s side of the map and takes the win.


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