GuildCast 42: Blacklisted

The GuildCast crew look at ArenaNet's attempts to secure Guild Wars 2 accounts

Are you gaming safely?

ArenaNet is certainly hoping so as it has been sending out all the information one could desire on how to better protect your Guild Wars 2 account. There’s even a blacklist of 20 million passwords to make sure you can’t put “password” as your, well, password. But is that enough?


Apparently not, as news that an authenticator should be soon in place was announced this past week. Not an in-house one mind you, it’s a ready to go system by Google. Why go this route? We discuss the pros and cons.

More lovely patch notes occupy us with the ringing in of various changes. No longer will you get one solitary copper for city exploration. Is the tooth fairy dead too?

Also mobs in the tutorial opener will no longer drop items to swell your satchel. What was the point of this, have people really been farming at level 1? We discuss why this move was necessary.

Jon Peters spoke about the issues with balancing server populations when there seems to be a disincentive for guilds to move. We talk about the problems and who it is affecting in particular.

Also, the incredible problem of how to blind a brick was brought up in regards to the effects of condition builds on objects. Will we soon be able to confuse a trebuchet?

We have your viewer questions to round off another busy show.

Join GAMEBREAKER’s Gary Gannon, Massively‘s Richie “Bogotter” Procopio and Elisabeth Cardy along with ZAM’s Scott Hawkes for the latest episode of GuildCast!




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