PST 97: Dual Shock

Josh "Lore" Allen ponders if dual spec is still worthwhile in WoW.

With Mists of Pandaria now open for business, Lore just about remembered to get this week's edition of PST to answer your questions.

With all the changes to the talent system, is dual spec as useful as it once was? With the shared talents one of Lore's viewers ponders whether people will need to switch between roles as much as they did in the past.



The full rundown of questions is as follows:

0:26 - Does the new talent system make dual spec worthless?

4:27 - Is CRZ ruining the economy on lower population realms?

9:14 - How can I keep from falling into tunnel vision?

12:19 - Should there be an in-game scoreboard for overall PvE/PvP rankings?

15:30 - When should Tier 15 be available?

21:31 - Will Proving Grounds scale gear like Challenge Modes?

25:14 - Is CRZ just a way to dress up server mergers?

32:00 - Why aren't there any female ogres?

Remember to head over to Tankspot for more of Lore and also go to Wowhead for the phenomenal new content they have prepared to aid your MoP experience.

                                                    Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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