Steam's Big Picture Release

You can even see the Steam avatars there.

Well, this is getting closer to the Valve Steam Box Thing rumored time and time again - Steam TV is the new launch from Valve, and it's going to make it so Steam gaming is in the living room, blurring that line just a little more.

Here's how it's going to work - when it launches, Steam will have a button that changes the interface, more usable for TVs, and you can do anything you otherwise were able to do. The prompts and interface are all heavily tooled for console interface, endorsing the presence of a PC controller or even just a wired 360 controller. That's shown heavily in the trailer, with the typing command based on a thumbstick/four-button facepad. You can use a mouse and keyboard, but it's not really why you want this.

Kotaku has a full breakdown from Jason Schreier's hands-on demo and interview with Valve employees, including the obvious question, "Does this tie into your planned console?"

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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