Valve Posts Job Listing For Industrial Designer

That's a confirmation

As of a job posting on Valve's website, they've pretty much confirmed that Valve is indeed looking to enter the console race. Taken from here, in a snippet on the site, Valve says they need an "Industrial Designer," and line out the basics of the job and the (very) high requirements to gain the job. As per the site:

Valve is traditionally a software company. Open platforms like the PC and Mac are important to us, as they enable us and our partners to have a robust and direct relationship with customers. We’re frustrated by the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space though, so we’re jumping in. Even basic input, the keyboard and mouse, haven’t really changed in any meaningful way over the years. There’s a real void in the marketplace, and opportunities to create compelling user experiences are being overlooked.

This is no guarantee on the Valve Box, or the Steam Box, or whatever else "Box" themed name you can come up with for Valve's console that's been rumored for years. As far as I can tell - and this is pure speculation - this looks more like they've noticed how much encouragement and excitement there is behind a Valve console, and are looking to make it a possibility. 

Julian "Mirai" Williams

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If they think innovation is doing well on consoles, they're wrong. Kinect sucks, and Move sucks. They're both so clunky that you can only get them to work with the most basic of games. Let's see Valve drop lots of money catering to their fanboys.

About the only thing that has been successful has been the WiiMote. Personally, if I ever got a Wii, the FIRST thing I would do is get the regular 'classic' controller to bypass the WiiMote. Of course, if everyone was like me, Steam would have died after the Half-Life 2 launch.
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