Traversing Telara 16: Iron Fortress

Jakub is the target in the latest adventure through Rift from Trion Worlds

Traversing Telara is an exclusive series of articles from Trion Worlds that explores Rift's lore and gameplay mechanics through the eyes of one intrepid adventurer. It's a great read and a fantastic introduction to the world of Telara. Even if you're a veteran of Rift, you might enjoy hearing about the game from another perspective! Read on for Traversing Telara #16: Iron Fortress!

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Anmar is questing around Quicksilver College and the North West of Silverwood this week. Apparently there has been a lot of trouble with goblins on this side of the wood. There are a number of quests that deal with those creatures, but at the moment Anmar is caught up in unraveling more of the mystery of Prince Hylas and House Aelfwar.


You see, long ago, Tavril the nature goddess called the Elves together in a holy location in Silverwood called the Mirror of Ages. It was here, in this clearing, that she tasked the High Elves with defending the untamed and wild places of the world. And through all the ages that followed that is what they have done. Through the Age of Dragons, the age of prosperity, the rise of Mathosia, and the fall of Eth. But now the Mirror of Ages has been taken over by House Aelfwar. And though they still defend the forest from the Wanton, they leave the Fae to do as they wish. Prince Hylas has even banned all iron weapons and a letter has recently been found, alarming the Guardians at Sanctum.

"My dear Prince Hylas,

Though you have called me enemy, the birds and beasts tell me of your woes. As a fellow guardian of the wild, my heart goes out to you. I too know the sting of a loved one's be-trayal. Your Priestess Shyla has always been too eager to spend her time with the Mathosians. Now she has returned from the dead and claimed this was the work of your gods, and yet... there is but one force I know that can animate the dead, and his name is Regulos.

We need not be enemies, O Prince. We share a common love of nature and the pristine wild, and a common loathing of the Guardians, who manage to blend the stink of death with the pomposity of religion. You remind me very much of the magnificent Fae- such as myself- who hail from the deepest parts of the Plane of Life. Even now, I have access to power that would save your beautiful Silverwood with ease. You need only ask.

A kindred spirit,

Lord of the Fae"

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