Diablo III 1.0.4 Class and Item Patch Preview

No nerfs! No nerfs!

The 1.0.4 patch is on its way, and Blizzard has been spending a lot of their time explaining all of the upcoming changes planned. So far, they've covered the Legendary Items (making them all feel more unique, encourage build diversity, and make them feel powerful), the Barbarian (improving Bash and Cleave, and make damaging Fury abilities more alluring), the Wizard (buffing everything rather than nerfing Venom Hydra), the Monk (improving pending Spirit similar to spending Fury), the Demon Hunter (revamping Hatred, upping damage on Rain of Vengance and Sentry), and the Witch Doctor (adjusting pets, fixing Vision Quest mana issues). Behind each of the links is the full breakdowns, and there will be more updates as the patch progresses. 

- Julian "Mirai" Williams 


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