RIFT 1.9 Hotfix #10 Patch Notes


  • Instant Adventure: Once assigned to a group using Random Queue, you won't be automatically moved to another group or queue after some time has passed.
  • Characters below level 25 can once again queue for random normal dungeons.


  • The Ritual Shaman should always spawn, even if his sacrifice target dies during the spawning script.
  • The Sacrifice debuff itself no longer kills its target.
  • The Sacrificed targets can still be killed by mobs if the mobs are not tanked.


  • Increased time between minion spawns in the first phase of the Laethys encounter.
  • Increased casting time of Annihilating Flare.
  • Decreased damage done by Golden Cleave.
  • Molten Gold will no longer be cast immediately after Metallic Orb.
  • Increased duration of Stoneseer's Wisdom.
  • Reinforced Laethys scripting against the vile 'Gold Piles bug'.
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