WildStar Source Interviews Jeremy Gaffney: Pt. I

ZAM's sister-site, WildStar Source, managed to get an exclusive interview with WildStar's Executive Producer / Design Director, Jeremy Gaffney. Read on for Part I of their huge interview!

It's a ZAM / WildStar Source exclusive! Our sister-site, WildStar Source, hit the mother-lode of community exclusives, as they got the opportunity to sit down with WildStar's Executive Producer / Design Director, Jeremy Gaffney, to discuss all things WildStar! The team has wisely split up the interview into two parts (with Part II running tomorrow), so today's interview deals with the world of WildStar, the difficulties of creating open-world content that scales with player population, some of WildStar's unmentioned classes, and more. Tomorrow, in Part II, their interview will focus on the the Dominion, PvP, crafting, and the tech behind WildStar. 

There's a lot of information to be found, so head on over to WildStar Source to check out the full interview!


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