VanaFest Golden Gobbiebag Giveaway

 Earlier in the month, Square Enix announced that, due to legal reasons, the popular Mog Bonanza would be seeing its final entry at the upcoming Vanafest, and that this Mog Bonanza will be restricted to Japanese players only. In lieu of this, North American and European Final Fantasy XI players will be seeing a new giveaway in place of the Mog Bonanza, a goblin-themed contest known as the Golden Gobbiebag Giveaway!

 To enter, players will be given a survey to fill out and a special "Gobbie" question to answer, and that's as simple as it is! The prize packages include some of the rarest equipment pieces in the game, such as Mythic and Relic weapons, the brand new Mog Masque and Suit armor, your choice of a handful of the new Ark Angel weapons, and an orb to allow for access to the new "Heroine's Tower" special battlefield!

A link to the full details can be found below the break.

Excited about the new Gobbiebag Giveaway or hate the idea of seeing the Mog Bonanza fading away completely? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!


The sneaky and stealthy goblins were able to infiltrate the FINAL FANTASY XI in-game item vaults and pilfer a ton of items right from under our noses... It turns out that it was all for a good cause because they are creating a variety of Golden Gobbiebags packed to the brim with goodies for some lucky adventurers to take home.

We have prepared a special survey based on the events and announcements of VanaFest 2012 to be posted after the event. By filling it out and answering the "Gobbie" question correctly you will be entered into a competition where you could win one of many Golden Gobbiebags, each exploding with a variety of rare in-game items!

The event will begin on Monday, June 25, 2012, but go check out all the amazing items you could win by heading to the event page here!


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Total Crap
# Jun 20 2012 at 10:34 AM Rating: Default
This really is some BS. Does SE really hate its NA/EU player base this much or are the devs at SE predjudice? Either way this decision is unfair to the non-JP community in the game. I'm curious how everyone feels about this. I'm very disappointed in SE this time.

Why do NA/EU players only get 1 chance per account at this while JP players get to have up to 10 chances per character? Come on SE and explain yourselves!

Edited, Jun 20th 2012 1:01pm by DrillsergeantHJK
Rose are red
Bananas are yellow
Now kiss my *** like a nice little fellow

I'm sorry sir, it seems we are fesh out of respect. Would you like a box of go-to-**** instead?

It is far better to let people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it

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