Cross-Realm Zones Coming to WoW

Yeah you read that right. Zones.

I still remember when cross-realm PVP was a huge thing to hit World of Warcraft, and here's another landmark that Blizzard is pioneering in their flagship MMO - cross-realm zones. Entire areas that can be explored and interacted with outside of the conventional server barrier. 

There's an entire FAQ explaining any thoughts you might have, but seriously - this is huge. 


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I agree. Sounds like an amazing idea. Sure it may cause a few problems, but really not anymore than if those zones were populated by players from that server. Basically, this means zones can be once again experienced as they were meant to be and Blizzard doesn't need to be so shy about adding group-centered content prior to reaching max level.

I mean really, the reason I play a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER game is for the MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER content. Otherwise I could spare myself a monthly fee and play a single player Diablo...that forces me to play
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Like the group finder it will have its downsides along with the convenience. When the group finder was added it did make it a lot easier to find groups but if you wanted quality groups you still did it the old fashioned way. With the cross realm pug groups they tended to be done at a mad rush but more importantly, they seemed to lose all social aspect. It was often like running with bots. And any interaction tended to be negative. Because it's so much easier to be rude to people from other servers you'll probably never have to play with again.
I can only imagine the kinda stuff that would go on in pvp areas that are cross server.
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world pvp?
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It is their attempt to bring back world pvp I bet.
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Seems like a great idea! Outside of the newbie zones, I'm shocked if I run across more than one or two players in each zone. And usually most of them will be 85s going for achievements! This seems like a great way to up the player population. I wonder if this will extend to Wintergrasp (and Tol Barad once it's outdated)? It's next to impossible to get some the achievements in WG these days without fudging stuff with the opposite faction (ie, getting them to stand naked on their mount and get blown up by cannons 20 times).
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Cross Realm Zones
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I am going to go out on a limb here and agree that this is a good idea. Obviously this will help people who for example want to do the group dailies for the Argent Tourney.

But given my painful memories of Dec 2010 Vash'jir I wonder if multiple versions of the new MoP zones might not end up being just as much a benefit as the cross-realm stuff. It certainly ought to make mining and posey picking less arduous the first few weeks and being able to loot before the mob respawns would a blessing.
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