Annoucing Coverage of Vanafest 2012

 Do you feel left out that the Vana'diel Festival 2012 is limited to Japanese players only? Don't fret, as Devin and Matt, dedicated members of Square Enix's North American Community Team, will be attending to give all Final Fantasy XI players the best coverage possible! In addition to keeping everyone up to date with tweets through the official FFXI Twitter page and videos of the latest announcements, the duo will also be holding contests throughout the course of the event for fabulous prizes!

Let us know what you think about the plans for Vanafest coverage over on the ZAM forums!


It's been two years since Devin and Matt from the North American Community Team set out on their adventure to Tokyo to cover VanaFest 2010 for the community. They were able to bring all of the hottest news straight from the development team to the adventurers around the world. In the two years since then, FINAL FANTASY XI has evolved by leaps and bounds and the level cap was raised to 99. Well, they too have leveled up to the max to bring you even bigger and better coverage this year.

Yes, the intrepid duo plan to set out once again on a quest to bring everyone the hottest news, craziest revelations, jaw-dropping-est... things that happen at VanaFest 2012! You better believe that there will be tweets. You can guarantee that there will be videos. And you can bet that there will be contests!

Stay tuned for all of the details as we unravel their plans for the future!


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