Interviewing the creators of Dragon Born

Dragon Born is a new browser-based action RPG making its way to North America. We sat down with the team behind it, Koramgame, to see what this new title brings to the table.

Action RPGs rarely fall into the category of browser-based games. Typically, you get things like RTS games and Farmville-esque titles that have you clicking some crops (or buildings) to maximize on your time. Thus, Koramgame's Dragon Born has certainly peaked our interest is it makes its way to North America. ZAM sat down for a short interview with the team at Koramgame to talk about their upcoming browser-based action RPG. Read on!

ZAM: We're here with the team from Koramgame to talk about their new action RPG, Dragon Born! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Koramgame: It's our pleasure. We're excited about sharing Dragon Born with everyone.

ZAM: First of all, what is Dragon Born? Is the combat focused on point-and-click gameplay, or is it more of a keyboard and hotkey-based MMO?

Koramgame: Dragon Born revolves around the story of the Kingdom of Farom, which at one time was the height of civilization throughout the land. Its powerful mages opened up a portal, bringing a demon army into its world. With the help of the Great Dragon, the demons were subdued, but the portal could never be closed. Movement and combat are mainly point-and-click with skills and items that can be hotkeyed.

ZAM: There have been a lot of browser-based action MMORPGs released recently. What makes Dragon Born unique? Why should players be interested in this game?

Koramgame: A few nifty aspects help Dragon Born stand apart from the others. There are the stunning graphics with 3D characters in a 2D backdrop (kudos to our creative team), and the full-screen feature is also comparable to client-based games. Secondly, in our mount system, our mounts have abilities, talent trees and can be used in combat. We also have a slew of gear to choose from, again painstakingly detailed by our creative team. Finally, the combat system is real time, so that's always a plus. Essentially, content is created with the most diverse player base in mind, so we have stuff for everyone to enjoy.

ZAM: Aside from the technical specifications, are there any big differences between developing a browser-based MMORPG versus a standalone client-based MMORPG?

Koramgame: Our main concept was how we were going to cater to a larger audience, especially on a browser platform. Client games have better graphics, at the cost of huge downloads. Our challenge was to satisfy the graphic demands of modern gamers, while keeping the game very much accessible to casual gamers, to build a great community with content that promoted such interactivity.

ZAM: Was Dragon Born first developed for Asia and, if so, were there any changes made when bringing it over to North America?

Koramgame: Aside from localization changes, we also had to consider the difference in user habits, such as a cleaner UI with the option of having more information displayed, and other features that don't match the western play style, like in-game event details for example. Of course, there are also further constant updates to be made based on player feedback when Dragon Born goes live, so we hope everyone will be enthusiastic about it.

ZAM: And that about wraps up the questions we had for you on Dragon Born! We're looking forward to checking out the closed beta when it goes live next month! Thanks!

Koramgame: Thank you for your time!


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