Walk of Echoes Adjustments

 The Walk of Echoes battles have offered players fun yet challenging fights for both rewards and experience. However, the difficulty of these fights and the limitations on participation have proven to be an obstacle in the event's success. Upcoming test server updates for Walk of Echoes hopes to eliminate these problems, starting with decreasing the damage dealt by area of effect attacks by the boss Notorious Monsters. Later adjustments will see the addition of temporary items at the start of fights as well as the removal of the "Once per Game Day" limitation on re-entry.

Let us know what your opinions on these changes are on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1096] Walk of Echoes Adjustments

  • Area attacks unleashed by bosses will deal less damage.

*As of the February 24 test server update, only the content above has been implemented.

  • The waiting period to receive the “Kupofried’s Medallion” key item will be abolished.
  • Temporary items will be obtainable upon entering a Walk.
    *Players will receive a random selection of approximately five items.


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