No Major Update for WoW Until Mists of Pandaria

Lead quest designer, Dave Kosak, revealed in an interview that there will be no more major content for World of Warcraft until Mists of Pandaria goes live. This comes as disconcerting news to the average player, as content is being cleared rather quickly and day to day activities are starting to feel less exciting. However, when asked if there is enough content in patch 4.3 to keep gamers busy until Mists of Pandaria, Kosak said "between the three excellent dungeons, the new raid, and Raid Finder, that should give people something to sink their teeth into for a few months."

Taking into account this is the last patch until the next expansion, hopefully in "a few months" we will see the usual pre-launch introductory patch to transition in the new talents, spells, characters, and lore. What is more exciting is this could point to a summer-time release. Until those of us who paid for an annual subscription recieve beta access, however, there is no reason to get excited just yet.


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