Official 4.3 Legendary Daggers Preview

After releasing a teaser image of patch 4.3's legendary daggers last week, Blizzard has posted its official Fangs of the Father preview. Rogues will begin the quest line in the Dragon's Soul raid and complete it with the execution of Deathwing.

"Rogues who succeed will receive a paired set of daggers that will become increasingly lethal as their bearer progresses along the legendary quest. At the height of their strength, they will be imbued with the vile essence of the Old Gods, as well as the maddened fury of the Black Dragonflight -- bestowing great power upon their bearer. These powers include a stacking increase to Agility which builds until dark wings unfurl from the rogue’s back, removing the combo point cost and increasing damage of finishing moves for a short time. In addition, the wings which can be spread on command (with no combat benefit) to slow a rapid descent, allowing the rogue to slowly fall to the ground… or enact a little death from above!"

Watch the video below to see the three stages of the Fangs of the Father.


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