Is Mists of Pandaria the Next WoW Expansion?

According to MMO-Champion, Blizzard trademarked "Mists of Pandaria" last week under computer game software. Our friends over at Wowhead found the official filing if you'd like to take a look at it. Wowhead also pointed out that a Pandaria domain was purchased last week.

So what is Mists of Pandaria? One idea that springs to mind might be a new novel, but that doesn't fit since it was filed under game software. With a book out of the running, it's possible that it's the title of the next expansion. After all, BlizzCon is only a couple months away. As Wowhead pointed out, Cataclysm was filed for trademark on June 26, 2009 and its domain was bought subsequently. The Cataclysm expansion was then announced at BlizzCon 2009 on August 21, 2009.

What do you think? Is Mists of Pandaria the next WoW expansion or a false alarm? If it is an expansion, will the pandaren be a playable race? Share your thoughts in the comments below or in our WoW general forum.


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Mist of Pandaria
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Perhaps it's a new game based on the planet Pandora (Avatar)
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I wouldn't mind playing a monk.

The name itself just seems more inviting than Cataclysm. Hopefully they go back to making nice lush zones. Has anyone noticed that all of the Cataclysm zones are pretty much barren?

...did I mention I would LOVE to play a monk?
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We've had talking cows from day one, and you're throwing a fit about talking panda's? Get over it.

Rather Obvious
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This WILL be an expansion. Patches aren't trademarked. The application clearly states computer game (not website, trading cards, or anything like that).

With Pandaria we'll be getting the new continent that was promised, and obviously it's home to the Pandaren.

They won't be a playable race because it would simply be too much to expect 2 factions of Pandaren, one of them joining Horde, and the other one Alliance. Having it only accessible to either one would cause way too much unrest amongs players, so...

Most likely, though, we'll yet again have to make a decision like it was with Aldors and Scryers, to give us the usual reputation grind wrapped up in some story.

We'll also get another hero class more than likely. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the famous Monk as it would be the exact opposite of the Death Knights. Again a dedicated start area, with lots of Pandaren being used to guide us through it and instruct. They'll probably take a good amount of ideas from the whole Shaolin business, with funny references to more or less famous martial arts movies left and right.

Blizzard is back in business in China, so creating content that might not need to be completely redone to make it past censorship makes sense. It's going to be their biggest market soon.

I honestly don't expect too many surprises when the whole thing is officially announced at Blizzcon as usual.
Rather Obvious
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Kanngarnix wrote:
Blizzard is back in business in China, so creating content that might not need to be completely redone to make it past censorship makes sense. It's going to be their biggest market soon.

Then they're in trouble since according to one poster they, China, only pay about 30% of what we do*!

*I equate the 4000 minute card that cost iirc between $4-$5 to a month's play time for a reasonably average player. Of course YMMV on that assumption.

Or perhaps you meant just a raw body count w/o factoring in the relative revenue weight. :)

So how long....
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... until we see people calling them "Pandarens"?

Possible, but I also think...
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Could be possible that it is an expansion.
Could also be possible that blizzard just want to make an Patch with it's own website.

One other thing that comes to mind is that blizzard is making an Arcade game.
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