War Games Tab Coming in Patch 4.2

Back in December, Blizzard added the War Games feature to World of Warcraft so players could practice battlegrounds and arenas with their friends. If you haven't tried it out yet, that's understandable. It's currently a bit hard to find and requires you to type out commands. However, all of that will change when Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands launches in the near future!

In order to make War Games more accessible, a new interface option will be added to the Player vs. Player tab in patch 4.2. Once it's implemented, all your party leader needs to do is select the War Games tab, pick a battleground or arena, target the opposing leader and start the game. For more details, check out the updated FAQ after the jump.

War Games Updated FAQ

Q: What's a War Game?

A: A War Game is an unranked match in which one group of players challenges another group to an Arena or Battleground skirmish in a setting of their choosing. The leader of the group will be able to initiate a War Game by opening the Player vs. Player window (H) as explained below.

Q: How does it work?

A: After you've formed your group (a minimum number of party members is needed depending on the Battleground or Arena chosen), open the Player vs. Player window (H), and select the War Games tab.  To start a War Game you must be the party leader, select a Battleground or Arena, target an opposing party leader, and click the Start War Game button.

The other party leader will receive a pop-up notice stating "  has challenged you to a War Game in the ."
The challenged party leader then has a little over a minute to accept the challenge. Once he or she accepts, each group will be placed in the queue and will receive a pop-up window prompting them to enter the skirmish once it's ready.

Q: Can I play War Game skirmishes against members of my own faction?

A: Yes! The War Game skirmish system allows you to challenge players in your same faction to Arena and Battleground matches. You can also challenge those of the opposite faction.

Q: What Battlegrounds and Arenas are available to play?

A: Players can choose from the drop-down menu the following Battlegrounds and Arenas to play in:

        10v10 (minimum 5v5)
            Warsong Gulch
            Twin Peaks
            Battle for Gilneas
            (Rated)Eye of the Storm
        15v15 (minimum 8v8)
            Arathi Basin
            Eye of the Storm
            Strand of the Ancients
        40v40 (minimum 10v10)
            Alterac Valley
            Isle of Conquest
            Random Battleground
    Arenas (2v2,3v3,5v5, minimum 2v2)
        Nagrand Arena
        Blade’s Edge Arena
        Ruins of Lordaeron
        Dalaran Sewers
        The Ring of Valor
        All Arenas

Q: Can I challenge a team from another realm to a skirmish?

A: No, you can only challenge opponents on your own realm.

Q: Can I start a game if one team has fewer group members than the other?

A: You are able to create a Battleground War Game with uneven team sizes, but you are not able to create an Arena War Game with uneven team sizes. For example, an 8v5 Warsong Gulch War Game is possible, but launching an Arena War Game with uneven team sizes won't work.

Q: What's the largest possible size for a War Game?

A: Arena War Games can support up to 5v5 matches. Battleground group sizes are limited to the maximum number of participants each map normally allows.

Q: Are any statistics recorded from War Game skirmishes?

A: No, they work similarly to the old Arena skirmish system. Kills, damage, and healing are tracked and displayed at the end of the match, but wins and losses are not.

Q: How long does it take for a War Game match to start?

A: Once the challenge has been accepted, you will generally be through the queue in less than 30 seconds. War Games offer you a quick way to get into practice matches with other teams, test out potential recruits, or just have fun with your friends.

Q: Can I receive achievements or guild experience in a War Game?

A: Because you can pick who you play against, nothing is awarded for playing in these skirmishes -- except for the rush that comes with a hard-won victory, of course.

Q: Do I get honor for killing players in a War Game Battleground?

A: No. These are skirmish matches, so no honor is awarded for objectives or kills.

Q: Why have you added this feature?

A: Players have long been asking for a way to challenge specific teams, guildmates, friends, and rivals to skirmish matches in Arenas and Battlegrounds of their choosing. We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!


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