Guild Wars 2's Engineer Profession Revealed

The latest profession has been unveiled! The Entineer uses explosives, gadgets and elixirs to get the job done.

NCsoft and ArenaNet just unveiled the latest Guild Wars 2 profession, and it's the Engineer! If you like the thought of tinkering with explosives, gadgets and elixirs, then it looks like the Engineer will be your dream class. Here are some of the tools at their disposal:

  • Backpack and Weapon Kits: When activated, these kits replace the engineer’s current weapon skill set with all new offensive tech. Lob smoke, concussion and fire bombs with the bomb backpack, or dish out massive area damage by utilizing the flamethrower skills activated by using the flamethrower kit.
  • Turrets: By launching and moving around various types of turrets, the engineer controls and defends the battlefield.  The engineer can place, pick up and move turrets during battle, and can even use the individual overdrive mode of each turret for extra devastation.   
  • Tool Belt: An engineer would be lost without a Tool Belt, as it increases the effectiveness and functionality of the engineer’s skills. Adding an additional set of skills above the weapon bar, the tool adds an extra function to turrets, mines, grenades and more.

You can check out some screenshots, videos and wallpapers on the official Engineer page. There's only one more profession reveal to go before all eight are unveiled!


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