Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon

Have you ever wanted to run a dungeon with friends who are on different servers? It looks like you'll soon have that option, as long as you're Real ID friends and of the same faction. Here are the details from Community Manager Nethaera:

"With the continued popularity of the Dungeon Finder, many players have been asking for a way to group up with real-life friends who play on other realms to take on instances together. Today, we wanted to give you a heads up about a new feature currently in development that will allow players to invite Real ID friends ( of the same faction to a party regardless of the realm they play on, and then queue up for a 5-player regular or Heroic dungeon.

As this is a fairly complex service to develop, we don’t have a release date to share quite yet. It’s important to note that as with some of the other convenience- and connectivity-oriented features we offer, certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based, though only the player sending the invitations will need to have access to the premium service. We'll have more details to share with you as development progresses -- in the meantime, you may begin to see elements of the feature appear on the World of Warcraft PTR."

Yes, the post does state that the feature will cost money. What do you think? Would you pay for this service? You can discuss the topic in this thread in our World of Warcraft general forum.


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Fixing Which Problem?
# May 19 2011 at 10:28 AM Rating: Default
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Instead of ******** around finding ways to make new money, how about fixing existing problems from this disaster 1/2 effort Cata Release.

Yes... they did a fantastic job re-working all of the below level 58 quests lines and graphics. It's been fun running the last of my 10 toons to 85. Level 58 to 80 however are the same since BC except it's EMPTY of people, quests give crap gear (Hunters do not use Intelligence anymore), and screwed the dailies in those areas expecting you to hit 70 and be bored (Shat cooking/fishing). **** by 68 you're done with Outlands.

Current Heroic Dungeons are not made for Casual Guilds/Players who like to run 1 to 2 times a week... and now you even NEED to have the correct makeup in a group to survive. If you don't have your own group.. then you are usually stuck waiting for hours to get into a group and then usually get stuck with a bunch of bored asshats that leave after the first wipe. So... adding more realms to the mix is going to do what?
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# May 19 2011 at 8:31 AM Rating: Default
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I will pay for this. Sure, in the long run it would be cheaper to just move realms, but I like my realm and this will mean I don't have to chase friends - new and old - to theirs.
Another "premium" service...
# May 17 2011 at 10:29 PM Rating: Good
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"cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based, though only the player sending the invitations will need to have access to the premium service"

This I DO NOT like. I'm all for paying for cosmetics. I'm all for paying for out of game apps. Now they are going to charge for an in-game feature? What's next? Premium auction house? Premium quests? We're all paying 15 bucks a month and all of that is going into them developing this service...

I draw the line at in-game FEATURES being "premium". This isn't some cheap free to play Asian game. This is the World of Warcraft many of us have dished hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into. This is an insult to the paying customer and is NOT going to help the declining player base.
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That is a nice feature, but how about working on being able to do raids across different servers..............

Or more specifically, old world raids, so that even when you are at max level, you can still see the lower level raids and be able to queue for them.
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