Bashiok Confirms: No Firelands Raid for 4.1

In the name of the pacing game, Blizzard has confirmed that their Firelands raid will not be part of Patch 4.1

Blizzard Community Manager Bashiok has taken to the forums to confirm that their Firelands raid, where players will take on a newly revamped Ragnaros the Firelord, will not be making it into Patch 4.1. By way of explanation, Bashiok looks back to the content they introduced in WotLK, most notably being the Crusader's Coliseum, and how he felt they released it while people were still entirely too busy with Ulduar. As a result, many players did not get to experience as much of Ulduar as Blizzard wanted, and hence the delay now.

So instead of weeping over the fact that you can't take on Ragnaros with his oddly proportioned legs, you can still enjoy tons of new content in World of Warcraft by spelunking through the newly revamped Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub instances. Learn some patience, everyone!


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New raid possibility
# Mar 06 2011 at 9:46 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm all for revamping old raids.. now having said that... I'm pretty sure EVERYONE by now has seen the blocked entrance to KARA with 2 griffins by it.. Hopefully Kara is on the list of updated raids. Now as for EPICS... I don't know.. I mean... I liked how the causal gamer who has a life could gear up and run raids on the weekends or on non-peak hours last expansion. Ya it did **** off your hard core raiders but that is what Heroic Raids were for... Now I will say they did make it too easy but with all the BUGS they currently have in CATA and unbalanced DPS classes I think they should focus on fixing those first...

Bliz admitted they screwed up and promised everything would be fixed by level 85.. but... for an example Ret pallies and Boomkins are still suffering... I know in Vanilla Ret pallies, unless TOP GEARED, were a joke.. and in Wrath they were severely OP but now Ret pallies are a joke and due to the recent nerf boomkins aren't much better...

The biggest problem is that these nerfs are coming from PVP.. So why not make PVP mechanics a bit different then NON-PVP mechanics? In arenas have the changes implemented and same with BGS... when your open in the world its all back to PVE mechanics... that way it can stop these kids from crying about being unbalanced in PVP..

Personally I think PVP has ruined part of the game. Many of the testers focus on PVP and that is why we have the problems we have now. This includes the nerf to DISC priest on their #1 ability due to holy and shadow priest using it in PVP... Instead of adding an ability in DISC (as an add on to another one) which makes the shields cost the original amount they did a blanket knee jerk reaction to increase mana cost.....

And lastly the whole DK tanking changes.. IT was good when a DK tank could be DW Frost or 2handed Blood... the changes still are not worked out as well as they were during the start of wrath and I know on my server there are far less DK tanks then any other tank class..

So before any NEW content is released the current needs drastic fixes..
# Mar 05 2011 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
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Considering they are scared to death to let anybody have PVE epics right now this isn't a surprise. Game is a lot more difficult to gear up now than it was with previous expansions. Im sure hardcore raiders are upset but there is always going to be overachievers who will bust through content at ridiculous speeds.

By this point in WOTLK as a casual player I had seen everything but Sarth 3D and Maly. As of now the only raid I have even stepped in is BH. Then again I actually work 40+ hours a week now as where I was laid off when WOTLK came out so I suppose that could have ALOT to do with it.
# Mar 04 2011 at 6:24 PM Rating: Good
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I'm going to have to give a hearty THANK YOU to Blizzard. For the hardcore raiders (and maybe moderately serious ones) I'm sure the current content may be a bit old, but for my small casual guild we are just approaching enough numbers to begin raiding. Such was the case in Lich King. By the time we had enough people geared and available for Ulduar ToC came out and we found ourselves feeling like ugly step children of raiders. At the very least we'd like to feel like semi-attractive step children of raiding.
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Bravo blizz for not rushing out content for once. Honestly it's for the best, and although people will complain constantly about "Oh there's no new raid." or we'll have content like in Wrath, "Easy mode is easy." I hope this will give them time to make a much better raiding experience.
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