ZAM Featured WoW Blog: Aspect of the Hare

Aspect of the Hare explores the hunter class with occasional side tours for alts and general fun. We speak with the writers about their WoW habits and more.

Our latest blog feature is Aspect of the Hare. The blog records the whimsical journeys of Pike though the World of Warcraft, through her various characters.

Pike has played many different characters over the years, but the majority of the blog articles feature one of her several Hunters. There’s a lighter side to some of the Hunter articles, such as finally taming a rare pet. Other posts are more informational, such as breaking down the changes to the Beast Mastery spec in patch 4.0.

Of course, more classes are covered as well. As Pike would put it, “I like to say I majored in Hunters, minored in Druids, and rode mechanostriders on the weekends.” There are articles about the Pike’s adventures with a Resto Druid and several other alts, including a recently created Worgen Mage.

For those who are looking for something to spice up their online forum experience, Pike also makes custom “World of WarCute” avatars; something those of you with a premium membership here on ZAM may be interested in checking out!

As always, please let us know if you know of a blog you’d like to have featured in this space. You can e-mail us at or send a PM to Xsarus on the forums.

After the jump, we have an interview with the writer of the blog.

Interview with the writer of Aspect of the Hare

ZAM: How would you describe yourself as a player?

Pike: These days I am strictly casual by choice.  I definitely wasn't always that way.  I raided in Burning Crusade and the first 3/4 of Wrath of the Lich King.  There was a point, though, where it just all grew stale, and I sort of quit caring.  I never downed the Lich King, for example, and I couldn't care less.  (My guild kept trying to talk me into letting them drag me through it so I could get the title, but it simply wasn't important to me.)

These days, although I still love dungeons and heroics and have fond memories of raiding, I'm much, much more likely to be found on a low-level alt, playing solo or with a good friend.  Playing this way allows me to set my own WoW schedule, so to speak.  If I don't feel like playing WoW, I don't have to.  With frequent raiding, you couldn't do that, at least not without feeling bad about it.

ZAM: How long have you been playing WoW?

Pike: Since May 2007, a few months after Burning Crusade launched.  It was the month I graduated from college... I didn't allow myself to play beforehand.  I knew myself very well... hehe.

Since then I have been playing continuously other than a break of three or four months where I wanted to focus on my creative side instead (I'm big into writing, drawing, making music, etc.)

Interesting tidbit: I play exclusively on the Linux operating system.  Always have... always will!

ZAM: Why did you start this blog?

Pike: Truthfully?  Because I have this tendency to write about anything and everything, and I wanted to make a place to dump my WoW rambles where I knew no one would have to read them.  I figured a blog was as good a place as any... I was huge into the classic WoW blogs of the time (The Hunter's Mark, BigRedKitty, etc.).  That was August 2007, I think my main was level 45 or so at the time.

Well, what happened was that a couple of people discovered me and spread the word and I wound up becoming one of the more widely read hunter blogs out there.  I ate it up and did my best to provide good hunter information for people.  Toward the end it was starting to be a little much so I went on blog hiatus earlier this year at the same time that I went on game hiatus.  I eventually returned, and was happy to find that I still had a faithful, core group of readers.  These days I don't blog so much about hunters in specific, since I'm playing alts and the like, but I'm glad that at least people find me entertaining.

ZAM: Favorite nostalgic WoW memory?

Pike: Oh gosh, so many choose from.  I'd have to say it's probably a toss up between:

a.) Running Karazhan with my then-guild... I think I am the only one of that original group still playing, but we try to keep in touch outside of the game.  Karazhan is my favorite raid of all time and I have many fond memories of progressing through that dungeon with my friends.


b.) an RP moment between my guild and another in Stormwind, where our little group of ragtag adventurers marched into the cathedral to make a point, much to the chagrin of a very uptight paladin guild.  I play strictly on RP and RP-PvP servers, although I don't usually RP myself... but I love to make stories for my characters and I like being on realms where I know other people have put thought into their characters like that.

So many good memories to choose from, though, I could wax nostalgic forever.  In fact, it's best not to get me started, really.

ZAM: Alliance or Horde?

Pike: This is a toughie because I love both and have tons of characters on both sides.  My two favorite races in the game are gnomes and tauren.  I love both of the new races (worgen and goblins) as well.

If pressed, I would probably have to choose Alliance, though.  It's where I've done most of my raiding and as such where I've made most of my friends.

And gnomes... I really, really love gnomes.


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