The Goblin's Christmas Doll

A short World of Warcraft story by ZAM user matrigs.

The following is a Christmas story written by ZAM user matrigs.  he also posted his story in our WoW general forum. How do you celebrate Christmas in WoW?  Let us know!  If you're interested in writing RP style stories, drop by the story thread in the WoW general forum. Also feel free to send me a PM (Xsarus) if you'd like a story of yours put on the front page.

It had been more than two hundred years since the coastal waters of Darkshore were last frozen solid and only the eldest Night Elves could remember it as children…if they chose to. The snows from Winterspring rarely came down into Central Kalimdor, but never with such ferocity as it did this year. Auberdine was locked down tight and the few elven villages that skirted the borders between the Veiled Sea and Felwood were left to fend for themselves. One such village wedged between The Masters Glaive and Northern Ashenvale not only had to deal with a record snowfall that literally buried everything surrounding them, but something worse... much worse.

An illness that had spread quickly from the sickly deer of the region to their own stock of winter supplies overtook the children without warning and what started as a dilemma immediately became a deadly problem. It was twelve days until Winter Veil and the Night Elves of this buried village had less than that to save their little ones. The constant blizzards battered back any attempt to contact Maestras Post and helplessness bordered outright panic. Early that morning a banged-up sled clawed its way into their lives, seemingly from nowhere.

The first to see this wreck was a whisper of a girl named Bethlamae. Sneezes from the previous night had her alarmed parents confine her to bed that day and since playing in the snow had grown old fast she wasn’t going to argue with a warm blanket and hot coco. But Beth was terribly bored and terribly worried; her letter to the Great-Father was still on her bedside and the driver of this shambling sleigh was her only hope to get the letter out in time for Winter Veil. With wide eyes, she watched it pull right up to her window and of all people, a goblin jumped from his seat and fell through the snow, disappearing from sight.

“Father!” she cried “A sled is outside and I think he needs…”

As she spoke a small bronze bomb lofted up then down into the snow, exploding with a muffled boom and leaving a small circle around the slightly-blackened goblin.


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Goblin doll
# Dec 21 2010 at 4:23 PM Rating: Good
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Great Story goes well with the Christmas event!!
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The Gold Standard
# Dec 20 2010 at 10:32 PM Rating: Good
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Wow. Very, very, VERY well-written...everything, from beginning to end; the little plot twist there, great stuff! Very touching
# Dec 20 2010 at 6:07 PM Rating: Excellent
303 posts
that was a great story :)
Acrophobia the Venerable wrote:
I felt like a noob who got away from the flock, like a sheep that escapes from the zoo, and the sheep stands in a busy intersection, and everyone's like "What the ****", but in all reality, the sheep is just as confused as you are.
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