WoW Guild Achievements No Longer Reward Guild XP

Community Manager Nethaera recently announced on the World of Warcraft official forums that guild achievements no longer reward guild experience. Basically, guild were leveling faster than Blizzard intended. Since the team doesn't normally offer rewards for earning achievements, they decided to best way to address the problem was to remove the bonus guild exp from achievements. You can read the full post after the jump.

How has your guild fared with the Guild Advancement system? What are your thoughts on the new feature?

Guild Experience Change

We have decided to remove the added bonus of gaining Guild Experience from Guild Achievements earned. This change will realign Guild Achievements with our philosophy held for normal Achievements, which are intended to be predominantly their own reward (barring the rare exception of special achievements that grant an additional reward.) Previously, the experience reward had been seen as an additional side bonus and not something that should have been significantly skewing the advancement of guilds. During the beta, we greatly increased leveling speed across the board and since most characters were copied from templates, guild experience from Achievements didn’t seem imbalanced. It has become clear that an imbalance does exist and should be addressed to ensure that guilds progress at the rates expected within the daily Guild Experience limits.

For guilds that are currently above the normally possible experience limit, we will be readjusting it back to the expected limit once more. This will not affect Guild Reputation gains at this point in time.


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# Dec 08 2010 at 4:24 PM Rating: Good
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So, 2 days after Cataclysm has been released, my Horde guild (that only me and my mom are in) are at 75% of the total quota for 2 days. Not too bad, though I suspect that we'll start falling way behind after the first couple levels. But still, at least I can be content knowing that some of the levels should be possible, it will just take longer.
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