WoW Player Will Race to Level 85 for Charity

Rob "Scrawn" Flaska and his friends will be gaming for a good cause as they host a marathon Cataclysm session to benefit Free Wheelchair Mission. We talked with Rob to get more details on the event.

Talking to Rob, you can instantly sense that he's a motivated guy. “We've had this idea for a while, but the marathon site didn't go live until November. We've been working every day to get this event going. We're just putting our all into it in hopes of making a difference,” he said. “Everything has been coming out of our own pockets until we got some awesome sponsors, like G8 and Razer. Now we can give away some amazing prizes, and it's really giving the project momentum. Gaming's awesome, but gaming to help someone else is even better!”

Rob admits that as dedicated as he is, he's not sure if he'll be able to stay awake for two days straight. “There are a few of the guys who I know can do it, no problem. I honestly think I'm going to need a nap somewhere. I'm getting old,” he said with a laugh. “We're going to have a video blog booth set up so we can all document the experience. I think a few of us will be sleeping in there, too.”

Rob will be using his main, a Balance druid. “That's my character. I love playing a druid. There's no question that that's the character I'd use,” he said. Rob will be attempting to get his druid to 85 with the help of his support team, which includes:

  • Allen “Dizzle” Larson - The Priest
  • Thomas “TeknoViking” Johnston - The Muscle
  • Alex “Slummin” Bonaparte - The Reroller
  • Michael “Rimefang” Reisfeld - The DK
  • Rachael “Nicessus” Giesie - The Shaman
  • Edzel “The Hunter” Edzel
  • Darthir “The Warlock” Darthir
  • Andrew “Bodies” Hannegan
  • Brandon “1nvasion” Turner

Naturally, the crew has already digitally pre-ordered Cataclysm. Well, everyone accept for Rachel “Nicessus” Giese. “She's the collector and had to have the special collector's edition,” Rob said. “Her boyfriend will be first in line at the store. He has to call the code in to her ASAP because we need her!”

The WoW Marathon kicks off at noon PST with numerous events happening all day as the crew counts down to midnight. For example, players are welcome to create a new character and help them storm Hogger at at 3:30 p.m. or join in on a level 1 race from Durotar to Winterspring at 6 p.m. Details on how to participate will be announced on the live feed prior to the events.

So head on over to for the full schedule, information on how to donate, and to check out the live feeds. You can also donate and get more information about Free Wheelchair Mission by visiting its official site. “Even if it's just a dollar, that's awesome,” Rob said. “If 60 people donate a dollar, a wheelchair gets made. We appreciate every donation, no matter how big. We'd love to meet our goal and be able to donate a whole crate.”

Kayla Smith, Reporter

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