ZAM's Featured Blog: Murloc Parliament

Authored by two crazy people who have full-time jobs, a full-time toddler and still find time to raid.

This week’s blog comes to us courtesy of ElMuneco here at ZAM, and is titled Murloc Parliament. While this may disappoint some of you, no, it’s not about Murlocs.

The blog is focused mainly on the trials and tribulations of a couple of casual raiders. That being said there is no shortage of useful information here; especially if you are a fan of Grid. There are quite a few different Grid related articles, including updates about GridStatusRaidDebuff, tricks for tracking tanks using Grid, updates for 4.0.1, and that’s just the first page.

The blog also has a full selection of links to guides written for nearly every class and spec, and is a valuable resource for those looking for a jumping off point to a lot of useful information.

On the lighter side there’s Bee Pit Bingo, which is pretty funny stuff. Also the authors attempt to answer the burning question: which is better, Glyph of the Monkey or Glyph of the Penguin by equipping both. However, I won’t spoil the results; you’ll have to check it out for yourself. Enjoy!

As always, if you know of a blog you’d like to have featured in this space please let us know. You can e-mail us at or send a PM to someproteinguy on the forums.



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