New Privacy Settings for All

With these new privacy settings, players will be able to opt in or out of Blizzard's controversial "Real ID" system.

Great news for players vehemently opposed to Blizzard's controversial Real ID system, or for those of you who just don't like it when your Facebook friends add you in Starcraft 2. Blizzard is now introducing some new privacy settings for all players to customize their RealID services based on their preferences. What this essentially means is that you can choose to opt in or out of the Real ID "Friends of Friends" and "Add Facebook Friends" features, as well as even having the choice to turn off Real ID all together.

For those of you who don't know, Blizzard was recently in a bit of a tousle with its community when it announced that its "Real ID" system would force all forum users to post their real names and would try to marry our gaming profiles with our Facebook profiles. Unfortunately, after an incredible amount of community feedback, Blizzard was forced to take back its changes. This new update to their privacy settings is a great step in the right direction, as it gives users the choice as to whether or not they want to keep their gaming lives seperate from everything else. You can access your privacy settings by going to Account > Settings > Communication Preferences.


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