Wowhead Updates "Love is in the Air" Loot Details

The other day, we reported that the crew at our sister site,, had compiled its new "Love is in the Air" guide to reflect the new features and game mechanics of the in-game holiday event, which was revamped this year. As many players have already witnessed if they have logged in this weekend, the Valentine's Day-themed event is re-worked to better fall in line with most of Blizzard's other holiday events, featuring a unique "holiday quartermaster" that will trade prizes for Love Tokens (previously given to city guard NPCs).

Probably the most popular update to the holiday event is the inclusion of a new "holiday dungeon boss," similar to events like Brewfest, Hallow's End and the Midsummer Fire Festival, as we suspected last October. The boss includes a trio of Alchemists, beginning with Apothecary Hummel in the low-level Shadowfang Keep dungeon. Today you can check out the new loot table offered from the boss encounter, which includes a handful of decent iLevel 226 necklaces and some fun "toy"-like items. However, we suspect most players will hitting up the new boss encounter to obtain the Big Love Rocket, the new land/air mount. Make sure you check out this section of the guide for strategy info, because this editor had a pretty tough time figuring it out earlier this weekend with his PUG. Again, check out the full Wowhead guide to learn everything you need to know about the revitalized holiday event, including quest and achievement details.


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