Five More Hotfixes Added to List

Blizzard has implemented another handful of hotfixes, and this set includes a couple of fixes for Rotface and Festergut. Here's the list straight from Bornakk's post:

  • Deathbringer’s Will trinket will now proc haste as a replacement for armor penetration.
  • The val’kyrs spawned by the Nibelung staff will now always hit with their smite attack and their damage has been increased for both normal and heroic versions of the staff.
  • The chance for the proc to activate on the Black Bruise weapon has been increased.
  • In the Rotface encounter, big oozes should now properly combine.
  • Rotface’s acidic blood and Festergut's acidic blood now function appropriately through the use of the group looting and master looting systems.


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