Hotfixes Include Gear Requirement Increase for HoR

UPDATE: Bornakk just posted four more hotfixes that were implemented today, which include the Oculus loot changes. You can read them all after the jump.

It's officially January 2010, which means it's time for Bornakk to start a brand new list of hotfixes for the month on the official World of Warcraft forums. The newest batch contains only three hotfixes, and here they are:

  • The mail Bloodsunder Bracers have had their appropriate socket bonus added.
  • The proc on Zod’s Repeating Longbow should no longer reset auto shots.
  • The gear requirement for heroic Halls of Reflection has been increased.
You can also look back on all the hotfixes from December 2009 in this thread. Blizzard implemented 47 hotfixes last month following the launch of patch 3.3.

Hotfixes for Jan. 5, 2010

  • The Lady Deathwhisper encounter has seen the following changes in the 25 player normal version: mana pool has been reduced, the health on all adds has been reduced, and Adherents will wait a little longer after spawning before they start casting.
  • Interrupting a fireball being cast by the Ymirjar Flamebearers in normal and heroic Pit of Saron will no longer make them instantly cast Hellfire.
  • The ghost waves at the beginning of both normal and heroic Halls of Reflection have undergone several changes that should make them easier to defeat such as preventing 2 mages or 2 mercenaries from spawning in the 5 mob pulls, a shorter duration of the spectral footman’s shield bash, and the spectral mage’s flamestrike having a longer cast time, shorter duration, and (in heroic) doing less damage.
  • The Oculus loot improvements posted here have been made:


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