Ghostcrawler Discusses Health/Healing in Cataclysm

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has been taking part in an interesting discussion on the official forums that focuses on health and healing in Cataclysm. Here's what he had to say on the subject:

"Health pools will be much larger in Cataclysm and healing will be lower. That should help address some of the overly binary feel of PvP and PvE encounters. You'll still be able to kill people as well as be able to heal them. The pace will just be a little slower and both healing and killing should require more than 1-2 buttons."

He elaborated on his comment a little later in the thread. Basically, efficiency among healers will matter more, while maximum health for tanks will matter less. Avoidance for tanks will become a little more important since it will allow healers to conserve mana.

What do you think about Ghostcrawler's comments? How do you think this will affect both PvE and PvP?


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Mana, vs... what?
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The biggest thing that I see is that they're trying to make mana efficiency important. I expect they want to see it where burst = expensive, slow/steady = efficient. It's logical, but it raises some significant discussion, namely rage/rune/energy vs. mana.

Currently, mana is the only one you can really run out of. The others, you either wait a second or cut back your attack, and then you can dive back in. Theoretically, this can go on forever. Mana, though, after all the potions, skills, whatever... you're done until combat is over.

Speaking as a healer, there are a lot of fights that COULD be won, except we run out of mana. When that happens, we're a target dummy. We sit there, popping tiny heals every 5 seconds as we get mana back.

It would be great if they'd address this, either with the implementation of something like "exhaustion" for melee (the longer they fight, the weaker they get, with bursting speeding the process), or an increasing return on mana while not casting. It'd level it out to where efficiency is important, but it's also important to coordinate so that healers can trade off and/or tanks can drop into full defensive while the healer rests.
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I think the solution to making healing more interesting involves running out of mana is completely fail. Take a page out of Warhammer's book. Give healers more to do than healing in a fight. Give us synergy weaving between helping attack and heal. Making paladin healers judge midfight was a very small but innovative step in the right direction. As well as more spell synergy. A great example of this is how riptide works with the other shaman healing spells.

This new idea of their sounds completely and totally boring and unimaginative.
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As usual...
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As a shammy healer (with effectively NO instant heals or HoTs and an inefficient mana pool - thanks again, Blizz, for the change in potion mechanics that prevents me using more than one pot in the course of any boss fight...) this ought to make life just a little bit more difficult.

It does seem sometimes that Blizz is still stuck in the "the only thing a shammy healer is good for is chain heal in raids" mentality, and doesn't bother to consider us when talking heals. My sham has been resto since her first talent point - has suffered through leveling in one of the game's least-capable solo builds, dealing with the attitudes of people who think that a resto sham can't party heal - and more than anything, dealing with changes designed around the idea that only priests (and sometimes druids) heal.

Ah well - I am not normally a whiny sort, but must admit I am among the crew who consider many of the changes described as coming in Cataclsym as "******** up/destroying Azeroth" so perhaps I will just join the QQ crowd around here and mark it up to a concerted effort on Blizz's part to phase WoW out in favor of their new MMO. In both cases - I certainly hope the implementation is better than the description makes it sound.
Back to TBC?
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Teacake posted this same message yesterday over here in the priest forums. I'll leave the reply I gave there here;

Actually, I had a discussion regarding PvP with one of the top Paladins on the server two days ago and the only way to really 'fix' PvP in both our opinions was to change health and healing in the way GC just mentioned in that quote. So yeah, I'm definitely happy with this. It'll make PvP more about drinking again รก la TBC, but right now I'm happy with that - in current PvP you can roll a dual warrior team and get 1800 rating just by using charge and Bladestorm.

Regarding PvE, I think it's an excellent change as well, and it will make really draw the tank healing efficiency of disc priests a lot closer to the level of holy paladins - our current problem is that once Penance is used, we have nothing to counter the humongous amounts of burst with that still land on the tank. If healing shifts back to being efficiency based rather than sick bursts, discs will possibly be able to viably tank-heal any (hardmode) encounter in the game in a similar fashion to paladins.
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Deathgrip a pally for lolz
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LOL, right off..
They need to redefine base health for a pallies Lay on Hands.
This just messes up a slightly broken concept.

Bubble and lay on hands are apparently the hallmark that they seem to think defines pallies, rather than healing melee class.
Full heals may be a bit broken if there is tons more life.
It may also be more fun until they fix it to run around in BGs annoy the living daylights out of the people who have always QQed about pally stuns, bubbles and LoH :D ...that and the ever present DKs who don't know they made a mistake gripping the person who will kill them :D

Hoepfully this will mean a new generation or two of healing potions. We seem overdue as it is.
What I think
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Like every other major change, it's going to fall flat on its face at the beginning, requiring at least 3 major fixes and talent point refunds.

I love changes to the game, but I also dread them because it seems impossible to fully test them before implementation.
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